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"It's really hard for me to trust people, because so many marketers are gross.

I'd been watching Billy for a while, and I knew he was one of the good guys.

When we started working together, I had a lot of ideas, but my focus was split. Billy helped me to narrow in on what I really wanted, and to give myself permission to go all in on it. I launched a live round of my signature program, Writing for Money, and enrolled my largest cohort to date: 80 women.

I've seen a lot of course creators floundering this year, but I've more than doubled my income from last year and broken through $300k — and I'm on my way to $1M for 2021.

I don't do gross. I don't do hard sales. I don't do lies — and I don't work with anyone who does.

If you're the same, you can trust Billy to guide you with integrity — and still make a whole lot of money."

Abbi Perets
Successful Freelance Mom

World-renowned violinist generates over $300,000 from a course cohort

Client passes the $1 million mark in online course sales in the and celebrates with his team

Rafeh Qazi
Niche: Programming

$50,000 generated from the first cohort of a graphic design course

Walid Feghali
Niche: Cinematic Design

German language instructor Michael leaves a money-burning marketing agency and hires Billy to turn things around

Michael Schmitz
Niche: Language Learning

"I have been able to grow my course business to over $200k
using Billy's insights"

Khe Hy
Niche: Productivity and lifestyle design