Simple Yet
Powerful Marketing

You have a great product to share with the world, but the thought of marketing it makes you queasy.

You're turned off by marketing. Turned off by the hype, the high-pressure, and the pushy tactics.

I get it.

As you'll read in my story below, I'm not like the typical marketer. I came from the real business world, working on global impact kinda projects, and only left because I wanted to do my own thing.

But when I entered the world of online marketing, most of what I saw made me want to head for the hills.

The obnoxious countdown timers, the clickbait headlines, the "live" webinars you could watch any hour of the day (who do those fool?).

After watching one of those hype-filled webinars, I felt like taking a shower.


But after studying the timeliness principles of marketing, I learned something which came as a relief.

I learned you don't need to resort to those pushy tactics in order to grow a profitable company, and one that respects your customers.

The clients I've helped are proof.

Here's what else I learned...

Most of the marketers using those pushy tactics? They only do so because they don't know there's a better way. A way that honors your customers, while at the same time generating the revenue you need to grow your business and live the lifestyle you want to live.

Yes, marketing has its gross side. But in its purest form, it's a force for good. I believe that with all my heart.

The thing is, in life, many pure things become corrupted.

After all, just because a sailboat picks up barnacles, you don't sink the entire boat. You simply scrape off the barnacles.

That's what I did with marketing. I scraped off the barnacles and found the pure sailboat underneath. Then, I turned it into an approach anyone can follow.

What is Simple Marketing for Smart People?

Here, let me show you with an example...

Just yesterday, as I was thinking about how I'd write this About page, I received a forwarded from my client, Khe Hy at RadReads.

This is a letter he received from a new student in his online course:

Incredible, isn't it?

And by the way, just to prove that respecting your customer doesn't mean sacrificing revenue, the cohort this student enrolled in generated a large sum of revenue for Khe.

That student's letter to Khe, and the financial success Khe achieved from that launch, summarizes my Simple Marketing for Smart People approach perfectly.

I use the term "Smart people" for a couple reasons. One, it accurately describes the people I work with. They're intellectuals, creators, teachers, and generally /

They care about making money, sure. But money isn't their #1 motivator. It's a byproduct of them serving their customers.

(Which, I've found, actually leads to them making more money than those people who are primarily driven by money. Funny how that works, right?)

Here are 10 characteristics of the Smart People:

  1. Smart People always ask, "What's the opportunity cost?"
  2. Smart People aren't allergic to hard work, as long as it's working on the right things.
  3. Smart People know the difference between $10/hr and $10,000/hr tasks.
  4. Smart People manage their energy more than their time.
  5. Smart People know price is what you pay, value is what you get.
  6. Smart People have an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset.
  7. Smart People know find the right question is more important that finding the right answer.
  8. Smart People seek first to understand.
  9. Smart People understand the value of play.
  10. Smart people are good critical thinkers.

My Story

I graduated college with an integrated science and technology major. It's a mouthful, I know.

One thing I definitely didn't study at school was online marketing.

But, as I sat at my corporate job as a renewable energy consultant, staring at my spreadsheets, I realized I wanted more.

I wanted freedom I wanted to be more creative. I wanted to work on "my own thing."

Having no idea what that even meant, I started a side hustle website teaching people how to do something I was passionate about -- brewing beer at home.

I loved craft beer (still do) and figured it was as good a thing to do as anything. Meanwhile, and thanks to some help from my company, I began work on my MBA.

I set out to create systems for people that help them get their story and message out without those shady tactics, empty promises, or misleading copy.

I wanted to help people use some of the amazing lessons I learned from these old masters (some of whom became my mentors) and use them for their business in honest, effective ways.

I'm not a flashy person, nor am I a hype-man. I also believe persuasive communication is one of the most important things for a successful business.

I love classic storytelling, immersing myself in fundamental teachings, and helping people in the most genuine way I know how.

I consider myself a marketing craftsman - committed to the art of communication and living to teach it to people who are ready to do things differently.

By combining the timeless wisdom with modern technology, I help people "get their point across" and connect with audiences to build their idea business so they too can live their dreams doing their own thing.

Billy Broas